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Kingston DataTraveler 101
This pen drive gives you a better way to look at your data while combining cool features1 to make it your own. Easily store, organize and share your favorite photos through the built-in photo viewer, search the convenient built-in Internet browser and view the cool AppZone for new apps to try — all in a flash. In the months ahead, urDrive will update to offer even more apps and features

DataTraveler 102
Introducing Kingston's DataTraveler 102 for quick and convenient storage, sharing and transferring of data. In five fun colors with capacities up to 32GB, the new DataTraveler 102 can store your favorite photos, music, school assignments and reports.

DataTraveler 160
Kingston's DataTraveler 160 USB Flash drive combines functionality with a capless design that features a chrome and rubber coating for a premium look. The rubberized thumb grip makes it the easiest-to-use retractable USB Flash drive on the market. The retractable case protects the connector, providing durability and convenience

The USB 3.0 Intelligent Drive U821V traveling disk comes in a tasteful design with a modern and stylish look and features various vintage editions that will become popular items. The Intelligent Drive U821V is a unique storage device that can simply be inserted and ready for use without having to first remove a cap or push out a retractable USB head.

This traveling disk sports a utilitarian, corrosion-resistant, stainless steel surface. The PQI Intelligent smooth exterior also has a beautiful, mirrored, silvery sheen and a special LED at the end that flashes blue when data is being read. PQI outdid itself again designing this user-friendly traveling flash drive

The U273V Traveling Disk features the superior data transfer performance of USB3.0, stable output current, low power consumption, backward compatibility to USB2.0, and simultaneous read/write data access all packaged in the industry smallest design to date. The PQI U273V's slender thumb-sized design represents a breakthrough in market of USB3.0 travelling disks with thick, bulky profiles, making it the new leading standard in the industry.

The U819V Intelligent Drive is an industry-leading product built on the exclusive COB packaging technology with USB3.0 connectivity. This U819V features a compact design that is only 3 cm in length. The U819V is highly portable and runs cool even under heavy loads.  The PQI U819V Intelligent Drive is especially suitable for thin and compact ultrabooks, tablets, and notebook computers. The compact high performance U819V traveling disk is perfect for everyday computing needs

Cool Drive U339V features a high transfer speed USB 3.0 interface, backward compatibility with USB 2.0, and even more power efficiency. A single chip manufacturing process enables the exterior to be slim and graceful and—at only 13g—it is the lightest in the industry. With a high transfer speed USB 3.0 interface, transfer speeds are 10 times faster than current USB 2.0, which effectively saves time by effortlessly storing large size image data and video files. On the outside, Cool Drive U339V features a reserved iron-grey color scheme coupled with the high quality and texture of aluminum alloy casing. And with its exquisite brushed surface treatment, the U339V gives off a stylish tech vibe.

PQI is proud to introduce the new U819L. Designed with the consumer in mind, this compact and handy travel drive boasts a perfect golden ratio and a special secure-cap design that allows you to insert the cap into the attached transparent pendent-style cap-holder. With a polished paint finish, the new U819L offers the smooth touch and shine of piano keys.

This i817L/V USB Flash Drive offers a new visual and operating experience. The i817L/V features exclusive, patented Intelligent Stick interface and USB 1.1/2.0 compatibility. Its shape resembles a surfboard and with pleasant, ergonomic lines and an "intuitive plug-in" design to make operation even easier, which both protects the Intelligent Stick interface and solves the problem of cap loss.

Intelligent Drive i812 utilize a 360 degree swivel lidless design, it protects the gold finger contact points and is easy to use. This Intelligent Drive i812 is available in cherry blossom pink or royal blue. Its sandblasted surface engraved with vine illustration gives it a touch of fashion. Whether you are the fashion conscious or go with flow type of person, it will blend into your style.