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Seagate Hard Drive

All hard drives from Seagate come equipped with Multi-Tier Caching Technology. It takes your PC to new performance levels so you can load applications and files faster than ever before. It delivers improved read and write performance by optimizing data flow with intelligent layers of NAND Flash, DRAM, and media cache technologies.

PC Desktop HDD: Barracuda DM/LM and Barracuda Pro DM Series

Gaming HDD: Firecuda DX Series

NAS HDD: Ironwolf VN and Ironwolf Pro NE Series

Surveillance HDD: Skyhawk VX and Skyhawk AI VE Series

Enterprise HDD: Exos E NM/AS/NX/MP and Exos X NM Series

PC Laptop HDD (2.5"): Barracuda LM Series

Gaming Laptop HDD (2.5"): Firecuda LM/LX Series

WD Hard Drive

Delivering hard drives with unsurpassed capacities, sealed helium technology (HelioSeal) enables lower power profiles and higher reliability ratings. This proven and innovative technology helps reduce the total cost of ownership. These benefits are the reason why cloud and hyperscale customers choose our HelioSeal drives for their scale-out environments.

Surveillance HDD: Purple PURZ Series


Gaming HDD: Black FZBX/FZEX/FEWX/AZEX Series


Enterprise HDD: Gold KRYZ/FRYZ/FYYZ/FBYZ Series

Enterprise Data Center HDD: Ultrastar SATA HA/HC Series

Enterprise Data Center HDD: Ultrastar SAS STM/STR Series

Gaming Laptop (2.5"): Black JPLX/JQLX/LPLX Series

NAS HDD (2.5"): Red JFCX Series

Toshiba – Enterprise, Specialty and Client HDD

Toshiba provides several classes of HDDs to support both mission and business critical applications that demand reliable performance in 24x7 operating environments.They are made for high-performance server and storage systems that require quick response and rapid data transfer. Also, they have large capacity and are used in storage systems and data centers which require large amount of data storage capacity.

Enterprise HDD: AL Series (SAS), MG Series (SATA) and MC Series (SATA for Cloud)

Specialty HDD: MD Series (Surveillance) and MQ Series (Automotive)

Client HDD: MQ Series (Mobile), DT Series (Desktop) and MN (NAS)

Toshiba – Consumer PC, Gaming, Surveillance and NAS HDD

Desktop PC HDD: P300 WD Series

Surveillance HDD: S300 WT Series

Video Streaming HDD: V300 WU Series

NAS HDD: N300 WG Series

Gaming HDD: X300 WR Series

PC Laptop HDD (2.5"): L200 WL Series